यथा चितः तथा वाक्।

यथा वाचस्था क्रिया।

चीते वाची क्रियावाचे,

साधुनाम एकरूपता।


English translation

As is the mind, so is the speech; as is the speech so is the action. Of the good people there is uniformity in mind, speech and action. The uniformity of these actions create our persona.


Slow FASHION and natural fabric.





Ever since the ancient civilizations, fashion  has been a need and exclusive part of our human culture . The  description of an appropriate fashion is not just today’s need but also lived with us as part of our anarchy. Every fashion has a criterion to bring the best in a person’s personality. The representation of our inner soul is portrayed through one’s fashion. But in the age of influencer’s and show off ,we loose our touch of originality and depiction of aoul talk while trying to mend with everyday fashion drama.

       Result, sometimes the trendiest things of fashion turns up as disaster for us. It not only harms resources but also to our motivation.

 Keeping that approach in mind , our dynamic fashion industry has opted a new account towards slow fashion.


Question arises , WHAT IS SLOW FASHION?

Oh! It’s simple. The vintage designs you loved in your mother’s  closet.the first love you hold in your memory about that specific fabric piece. THAT’S  MY DEAR, is “SLOW FASHION”.

Simply  putting it’s a gentle approach to fashion that carefully considers the process and manufacturing of resources we require to make a specific clothing, and focuses on timeless, high quality, productive designs over trend driven piece destined to landfill after few wears. It encourages  slow consumption, sustainability and better quality over quantity. The materials used in these clothing’s are original and pure natural products which been in our surroundings before the beginning of time. The materials we all are aware of like cotton,silk,wool, chiffon,linen,hemp, Jute ,flex , muslin, organza ,Taffeta ,Ramis, Gauze, cashmere , poplin , Denim, coir , flannel, crepe, abaca, merino, masher and Bamboo textile as Well.We all are aware of these terms and fabrics. The one  that had been an absolute favourite and perfect on Mama’s  standards  in all paradigms.

The element tool are raw materials and paints with design inclusion on space, line, form, color and texture. It reveals ,expands , reflect, engage , participates and involves.


The critical element employed by slow fashion brands and designer’s include using eco friendly materials, repurposing old or discarded textiles. Making the final product last longer.

BUT, what are the BENEFITS of slow fashion!?

With slower production schedule, smaller collections and zero wastage designs, and use of sustainable materials, slow fashion is Vegan food for clothing and Vogue.

It’s  not just affordable but influential as  well. The styling of tin  Cannes  remodeled in Dress on miss world stage is the best possible example we can use in our support on SLOW FASHION.



So, what are we waiting for GUY’S!

What’s stopping us from opting for this fabulous way of groovy mode swinging ASAP?.


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